When you're in the business of singing telegrams, birthdays are your bread and butter. But we love celebrating all kinds of special occasions: anniversaries, promotions, Valentine's Day, graduations, vasectomies, Easter, baby showers, Admin Professionals Day, gender reveals, St. Patrick's, retirements, April Fool's, chemotherapy completion and even cornhole victories in the Cayman Islands. No celebration is too niche for Custom Singing Telegrams. May the Fourth, also known as Star Wars Day, is a perfect example. May the Fourth began when fans realized “May the fourth be with you” was a slight play on George Lucas' endlessly quotable catchphrase “May the force be with you.” Considering April showers are about to bring May flowers, May the Fourth is on the event horizon. Sci-fi fans around the planet are planning celebrate in myriad ways this Saturday. Is there a hardcore Star Wars fan in your life? Why not enlist a singing Yoda to perform Weird Al's legendary ode to the little green Jedi? The lounge singer-inspired parody of John Williams' theme music, performed by Bill Murray on SNL, is another tune in our repertoire. Interested in further information? Contact us via telepathy (that or our contact page).

And whether we celebrate it with you or not, May the fourth be with you.