It may surprise you to learn that I rarely ate oranges as a kid. Consuming citrus is a messy endeavor and I hated getting albedo – the soft, white inner skin of the fruit – stuck underneath my fingernails. Funny enough, my father actually owned a citrus peeler that he used for opening grapefruits. But he never taught me how to use it. After watching sushi chefs carve little peel people in college, I found my old man's yellow Tupperware peeler and never looked back.

In 2016, a Reddit thread posed the question “What's something unconventional everyone should try out?” A Redditor chimed in with advice from a onetime camp counselor about the joys of eating oranges in the shower (where all the sticky juice is instantly cleansed away). And thus, the orange shower movement was born. Eyeball the full story via Vice News below.