Female Greeter Wanted

Female Greeter Wanted

Citric Acid Arts, in conjunction with Circus Collective, is casting an attractive female greeter for a high-profile celebrity appearance near Aspen on Saturday, June 15. Event hours are 6 pm to 9 pm. Call time to be determined. Compensation is $50/hour. Exact event hours to be determined soon. Ideal candidates are extremely outgoing and friendly, comfortable using a Polaroid camera, competent with personal hair and makeup and own wardrobe suitable for black tie gala-caliber events. To be considered for the position, send an email to yello@orangepeelmoses.com with link to a 1-2 minute video introduction, 3-5 quality photos in classy attire and “Greeter Casting: Your Name” in the subject field by Tuesday, June 11 at 5 p.m.

May the Fourth: Yoda Singing Telegrams

May the Fourth: Yoda Singing Telegrams

When you're in the business of singing telegrams, birthdays are your bread and butter. But we love celebrating all kinds of special occasions: anniversaries, promotions, Valentine's Day, graduations, vasectomies, Easter, baby showers, Admin Professionals Day, gender reveals, St. Patrick's, retirements, April Fool's, chemotherapy completion and even cornhole victories in the Cayman Islands. No celebration is too niche for Custom Singing Telegrams. May the Fourth, also known as Star Wars Day, is a perfect example. May the Fourth began when fans realized “May the fourth be with you” was a slight play on George Lucas' endlessly quotable catchphrase “May the force be with you.” Considering April showers are about to bring May flowers, May the Fourth is on the event horizon. Sci-fi fans around the planet are planning to celebrate in myriad ways this Saturday. Is there a hardcore Star Wars fan in your life? Why not enlist a singing Yoda to perform Weird Al's legendary ode to the little green Jedi? The lounge singer-inspired parody of John Williams' theme music, performed by Bill Murray on SNL, is another tune in our repertoire. Interested in further information? Contact us via telepathy (that or our contact page).

And whether we celebrate it with you or not, May the fourth be with you.

Eating Oranges in the Shower

Eating Oranges in the Shower

It may surprise you to learn that I rarely ate oranges as a kid. Consuming citrus is a messy endeavor and I hated getting albedo – the soft, white inner skin of the fruit – stuck underneath my fingernails. Funny enough, my father actually owned a citrus peeler that he used for opening grapefruits. But he never taught me how to use it. After watching sushi chefs carve little peel people in college, I found my old man's yellow Tupperware peeler and never looked back.

In 2016, a Reddit thread posed the question “What's something unconventional everyone should try out?” A Redditor chimed in with advice from a onetime camp counselor about the joys of eating oranges in the shower (where all the sticky juice is instantly cleansed away). And thus, the orange shower movement was born. Eyeball the full story via Vice News below.


Anniversary of the Singing Telegram

Anniversary of the Singing Telegram

The singing telegram, utilized to celebrate birthdays around the world, just celebrated a birthday of its own. It’s 86 years old. Here’s the tale of a truly special delivery.


Song for Howie Mandel

Song for Howie Mandel

Howie almost died
at a birthday once
See, he was choking on cake
it wasn't very fun

His normal voice was on hiatus
so he conjured a new one
If you've seen Bobby's World
Muppet Babies, Gremlins
that's where those voices came from
Howie voiced the cute Gremlin

When he piped up in that high-pitched voice
everyone just laughed
He got no Heimlich, nobody saved the boy
they thought he was just daft

So the next time you're choking on cake
There's no need to fear
You never know where life's gonna take you
you might end up right here…
Mr. Clean with the golden buzzer:)

Copyright 2019 George Swartz

A Year in my Life

A Year in my Life

Like a caterpillar preparing for its radical metamorphosis, I devoured 2018 with zeal. Over four hundred twenty singing telegrams were delivered via my singing telegram agency this year, the majority of which I personally performed (though mad love to my whole roster). I entertained in China for the first time (then returned a mere six months later), visited the Indonesian island of Bali and finalized my upcoming single “Butterflies” at Colorado’s Grammy-winning Airshow Mastering. Below is a smattering of highlights (words and images) cherry-picked from a bliss-filled year of playing dress up, enabling joy through music and hopscotching around Earth's curvaceous body.

Bathing elephants at Thailand elephant sanctuary

Booking world-famous belly dancer Sadie for a holiday samba gig

Carving Godzilla-shaped “Orangami” for fellow performers in Tokyo

Celebrating ten years of performing with world-renowned music promoter Insomniac Events

Character performance at Colorado’s legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater for Seven Lions

Climbing Sticky Waterfall near Chiang Mai, Thailand

Clowning on stilts in China (twice) and Japan

Dancing on stilts at Washington state's stunning Gorge Amphitheatre for Paradiso Festival

Delivering singing resume to iHeartMedia office on behalf of creative job applicant

Driving camper van to California's Lightning in a Bottle festival with Suze Q

Experiencing Fungineers' Ice Cream Truck show with Alexandria Baker

Exploring bioluminescence exhibit at Denver Museum of Nature & Science with my nephew Kai

Filming EDC China trailer on seventh floor balcony of Shanghai's W Hotel

Facilitating 420 plus singing telegrams through my singing telegram agency:)

Finalizing my upcoming single “Butterflies” at Colorado’s Grammy-winning Airshow Mastering

Floating above the heads of Mexico City festival goers as a stilt-elevated fish

Greeting Denver Dia de los Muertos revelers - on stilts - at Los Muertos Fantasticos

Hovering six to eight feet above Bali’s Tanjung Benoa Bay on a water-propelled Flyboard

Impersonating Hunter S. Thompson at Cannabition Cannabis Museum in Vegas

Impressing Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella on the dance floor with Angelique

Imbibing bug bites in a cave restaurant near Mexican pyramid complex Teotihuacan

Imbibing dragonfruit in both Bali and China

Insomniac Thanksgiving banquet at China’s Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Landing the cover of The Vail Daily as a stilt-enhanced Uncle Sam

Meeting Portland singing telegram / stilt performer / kindred spirit Jon Dutch in Aspen

Musically ambushing Fox 21 news anchors as singer Barry Manilow

Musically ambushing 9 News anchor Liz Kotalik as Cupid

Nicknaming Mexico's Chichen Itza Mayan ruins “Chicken Pizza”

Organizing nine singing telegrams in a single night for Colorado chapter of Young Presidents

Parasailing above Patong Beach in Thailand

People watching at Lefthand Brewery's voodoo-themed Nitro Fest

Playing EDM Unplugged in VIP speakeasy at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas

Practicing AcroYoga with my Flight Club family

Pretending to defecate on the dance floor at Bassnectar with Michelle

Rapping Cypress Hill at AEG Live Rocky Mountain offices as a tutu-clad gorilla

Seeing both Janelle Monae and Lauryn Hill live in concert

Singing Janelle Monae's “Yoga” for Buti yoga teacher Ashton August and her class

Shooting “Butterflies” imagery with longtime photographer friend Jonathan Shoup

Snorkeling in both Bali and Mexico

Taking my four-legged stilt unicorn on the road with Unicorn Whisperer Anastasia

Terrifying Escape Halloween haunted house visitors as faceless giant Slender Man

Three person ukulele jam session on The Great Wall of China

Winning Temple Nightclub's $500 Halloween costume contest with Future

Zip-lining through the jungle at Tarzan Adventure Phuket in Thailand

Follow along with future adventures via Instagram

Rudolph the Shrooming Reindeer

Rudolph the Shrooming Reindeer

Does this mushroom's color scheme remind you of anyone? A certain airborne holiday superhero maybe?

Make yourself comfortable, it's story time. Reindeer in the Arctic circle apparently enjoy munching on Fly Agaric mushrooms. The red and white toadstools in old school Smurf cartoons were likely inspired by the colorful fungus. Fly Agarics are known to contain hallucinogenic chemicals. No one knows how the reindeer are affected by consuming the mushrooms, but it turns out the antlered mammals of Christmas legend aren't the only fans of the fungus.

The Sami people, native to Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, have been involved with reindeer husbandry for thousands of years. Lapps, or Laplanders as they are also known, utilize reindeer for many purposes, including transportation in the form of sled-pulling. In the past, Sami shamans imbibed Fly Agaric in their visionary rituals. They even drank urine from reindeer believed to be under the influence of the plant medicine. Did I mention they've been known to don red and white threads in homage to the speckled crimson entheogen they ingest?

To recap, there were living, breathing humans who wore mushroom-inspired red and white garb and rode on sleighs pulled by reindeer. Eat your heart out, Imaginary Santa Claus.


"Butterflies" Remix Preview

"Butterflies" Remix Preview

“Butterflies,” the insect-infused ear worm I recorded with Nigerian producer Daniel Iyere, is coming out soon. Several remixes will accompany the release, including an eclectic banger by Denver-based DJ/producer Joman. Wanna hear Joman’s remix ahead of the actual release? Turn up the second half of Mile High Dance Sessions 086, featuring a guest mix from Joman, via link below.


Music Video Casting

Music Video Casting

Would you like to do something special for your lover? Ever considered surprising your special someone with a singing telegram? Custom Singing Telegrams is offering a handful of Denver area lovers the unique opportunity to gift their significant others a singing telegram, free of charge. What's the catch? Singing telegram recipients would be filmed for the purposes of an Orange peel moses music video. If you think your lover would be thrilled about being ambushed for the purposes of a music video, send an email to yello@orangepeelmoses.com describing the nature of your relationship (including 3-5 pictures), amount of time you've been together, specific locations (office, park, workplace, house, hospital, restaurant, etc.) where you would want to surprise your lover (getting permission to film there would be essential), along with a link to expressive video footage of the proposed recipient with “Music Video Casting” in the subject field by Monday, October 29.

Let’s make something worth sharing:)

Late Late Show Singing Telegrams

Late Late Show Singing Telegrams

Late Late show host James Corden and actor/singer Neil Patrick Harris joined forces to ambush a few unsuspecting folks with personalized singing telegrams. Watch the hilarity ensue below.


Ariana Grande: God is a Woman

Ariana Grande: God is a Woman

God is a woman. That's the title of the song Ariana Grande performed on last night's MTV Video Music Awards. And it's a statement I wholeheartedly agree with. “Archaeologists believe God was considered female for the first 200,000 years of human life on earth,” writes Christobel Hastings in a recent Grande-inspired story for Vice's Broadly. Of course she was. Unless you're a seahorse (or a hermaphroditic animal), women generally do the heavy lifting when it comes to procreation. Grande certainly doesn't cover all this in her new tune, but she deserves a shoutout for putting the subject matter back on the map. Eyeball last night's performance – featuring my fellow Insomniac Events entertainer Bianca Vallar – below.


Music Publicist Wanted

Music Publicist Wanted

Orange peel moses is on the hunt for music publicity support for his upcoming single release "Butterflies." Interested candidates can email yello@orangepeelmoses.com. 

Popping Pupae

Popping Pupae

My friend Michelle and I eat bugs together. It all started about a year and a half ago. We went to see Cirque du Soleil's insect-themed show Ovo in Loveland, Colorado. We were so excited that we dressed up for the occasion, she as a bee and I as a mantis. We looked so good that other spectators thought we were part of the show. Some stood in line to take pictures with us during intermission. If what's left of my memory serves me correctly, some even tipped us. I was so inspired that I went home and wrote an insect-themed song called “Butterflies.” It's a bona fide ear worm.

The following day, I picked up a cricket protein bar from Natural Grocers and shared it with Michelle at an AcroYoga jam. My own personal interest in edible insects began with a book written by National Geographic-caliber photojournalists called Man Eating Bugs, but intensified after seeing Denver cricket rancher Wendy Lu McGill speak on the subject at a 2013 TEDx RiNo event. Michelle was one of the first to share my enthusiasm for entomophagy – the practice of eating bugs.

Thanks to social media, many of our friends are familiar with our fondness for six-legged fare. One such individual is a go-go dancer and aspiring pastry chef named Jessica. In the green room at Global Dance Festival, a long-running Denver EDM event we were all three involved with, Jessica mentioned that she'd eaten silkworm pupae before. I'd read about the delicacy and had been dying to try it. Jessica explained that her Korean-born father had prepared it for the family when she was young, and that he might be willing to make it for Michelle and I sometime. Music to my ears.

Jessica's dad was game. Michelle and I carpooled to his apartment on the designated day. Jess, Michelle and I soon found ourselves watching her father vacuum the hyperactive family Pomeranian. Once the dog was relieved of loose hair, the old man set about preparing his spin on Korean-style “beondegi.” He started with marinated pupae from small cans he'd gotten at the Asian market. Fresh green onion and diced pepper spiced up the exotic snack. Following an appetizer plate of yellow Korean melon, we were chopsticking the littler buggers into our curious mouths in no time. The brown segmented pupae are about the size of kidney beans (see above photo). Each pupa pops a little when you bite into it and they're definitely a smidgen chewy. This particular batch had a bit of heat to them, which Michelle and I definitely appreciated. Our insatiable thirst for culinary adventure had once again led us to an interesting place.

When Jessica was young, she was apparently clueless as to what beondegi consisted of. She apparently stopped eating it for years when she eventually found out. Fortunately, she's old enough now to once again appreciate the unique Korean grub.

The Singing Cop

The Singing Cop

I was born to do singing telegrams. And although I've had many unique, creative ideas over the years, some of my most memorable routines have been collaborations with my customers. Planning a hilarious surprise for recent recipient Nicole Isaacson is a great example.

Nicole was turning twenty-one and her parents wanted to embarrass her in front of her friends. Her mother knew that she liked EDM, so I suggested Daft Punk's celebratory “One More Time” as one of the songs I should definitely perform. Nicole's parents and I debated a bit about what costume would be best. Lady Gaga was suggested (Nicole is a big fan). Although I've assembled a killer Gaga ensemble before, several key costume pieces were borrowed from my friend Staza (and I wasn't sure I'd be able to procure them on such short notice). The Cop was brought up as a possibility. Nicole's dad was hesitant that the character would remind his daughter of a slightly jarring past experience involving a policeman, though. Then Nicole's mom had an idea: what if the Cop asked Nicole to relinquish her fake I.D.? Bingo.

Because I'd gotten the stink-eye from a security guard the last time I'd sung at the venue where Nicole was celebrating her twenty-first (I think he had assumed I was a street musician who'd wandered in to solicit tips from strangers), her mom called ahead to give someone a heads up. I checked in with the manager downstairs upon arrival. “You're looking for the girl in the green side cut out dress – it's very obvious she's not wearing any underwear,” explained the manager. “This is gonna be P.G., right?” One of the funniest aspects of being a singing cop is that people often worry I'm going to be a stripper. It can be fun to play with those expectations a little when it's appropriate. I assured the manager that my shtick was going to be P.G. Implying decency was especially important on this particular occasion, he replied, “Because the owner's upstairs having dinner with his family.”

Guitar slung over my police uniform, I ascended the stairs to the second floor. To the next level is exactly where I hoped this gig was headed. Nicole's friends were obviously expecting me – they pointed her out as soon as I rounded the corner. I strolled over to the birthday girl. “Nicole Isaacson?” I asked. She was taken aback. Her friends were on the edge of their seats. “This is your twenty-first birthday party, correct?” I inquired, setting up the coming punchline. The anticipation was palpable. “Would you like to relinquish your fake I.D.?” I asked smiling. “You won't be needing it anymore.”

My man in blue singing telegrams almost always kickoff with Inner Circle's “Bad Boys.” I launched into the theme song for the TV show Cops. Nicole was probably in shock, as is often the case with singing telegram recipients. Someone noticed the business card I had threaded through my guitar strings that implicated Nicole’s parents as the pranksters responsible and pointed it out to her. Understanding who was behind the hilarious surprise probably didn't make it any less shocking. A birthday rap called “Birthday Party” by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five was next up in my medley. I drummed on the strings of the guitar, utilizing it as a percussion instrument of sorts. There are certainly many more talented rappers out there, but singing telegram spectators are generally impressed by my verbal flow. Nicole's friends were entertained.

The moment had come for Daft Punk's “One More Time.” Hearing EDM played on an acoustic guitar generally throws people for a loop. Putting a familiar tune and lyrics in a new context is fun, though. I wrapped up a short version of “One More Time” and her friends kept egging me on. “One more song,” some of them piped up. So I played the first verse and chorus of Lady Gaga's “Born This Way.” Then I led the group in a traditional version of “Happy Birthday.” When I was finally finished singing, Nicole got out of her chair to come over and pose for a photo with her singing cop.

Surprising the birthday girl was a hoot. But that's not the end of the story. I descended the stairs, where I found the manager I'd encountered upon my arrival ten minutes or so earlier. “My performance was more P.G. than the birthday's girl's outfit,” I joked. “You know what's funny?” he replied. “After we touched base, I radioed up to the owner to let him know that a singing telegram was on his way up but that you’d promised to keep it P.G. The owner said if you didn't abide by that promise, he would literally tackle you. It turns out the chef overheard this exchange via his own walkie talkie in the kitchen. During the performance, said chef got on the walkie and said 'The pants are off!' The owner immediately started sprinting toward the table where you were performing.”

“See? It's fun for all involved,” I said, smiling.

HVN Music Video Premiere

HVN Music Video Premiere

My music producer is a recording studio stud. Some of you know I've got an insect-infused single coming out soon called “Butterflies.” Daniel Iyere, the Nigeria-born producer who helmed “Butterflies,” is the mastermind behind a Denver-based future R&B project called HVN. For anyone familiar with kid astronaut, the recent Westword award winner and onetime Air Dubai vocalist is featured on HVN's upcoming single “Fighter.” Its accompanying music video, directed by Jasmine McGee, was shot in nearby Nederland and right here in The Mile High. The short film-caliber clip took three days to make, and stars Kaylee Carey, the beautiful young actress featured in the photo above. It’s an impressive cinematic achievement, especially considering the act’s lack of label backing.

Curiosity piqued yet? Join me for the premiere screening next Sunday, August 12 at Alamo Drafthouse Sloan's Lake.


Sign Language Help Wanted

Sign Language Help Wanted

Citric Acid Arts is on the hunt for a sign language coach. Interested candidates can email a resume and rates to George at yello@orangepeelmoses.com 

Graphic Designer Wanted

Graphic Designer Wanted

Citric Acid Records is on the hunt for a graphic designer to design and layout artwork for an upcoming Orange peel moses single release. Interested candidates can email a portfolio or website link to yello@orangepeelmoses.com 

Cricket Protein Bars

Cricket Protein Bars

It shouldn't be any secret that we can stand to learn a lot from Native Americans. Insects were a staple of many Native diets, especially when the hunters didn't bring home the bacon (or buffalo, as the case may be). Many of our primate ancestors ate bugs too (many modern primates still do). And it turns out that insects are incredibly efficient at converting plant matter into a healthy protein source for humans, while emitting minimal greenhouse gases and demanding significantly less land. To paraphrase Edible author Daniella Martin, cows are the SUVs of the animal agriculture world, while insects are the bicycles. How 'bout them apples? Cringe all you want, but insects are eaten by humans in 60% of countries around the world. America's aversion to eating bugs is actually strange. Some may remember that eating sushi was actually unpopular in America too before the 1970s, but we were able to overcome the psychological hurdles and gradually embrace the once-unfamiliar cuisine.

Pat Crowley is a rafting guide on the Colorado River. He's also a passionate hydrologist – someone that cares immensely about water conservation and the future of our water resources. The Colorado River that Crowley leads rafting expeditions on sadly no longer flows all the way to the Sea of Cortez due to the demands of high water-use crops grown as livestock feed in the middle of the desert. Crowley was listening to a TED talk about eating bugs when he learned that insects represented a nutritious protein source whose water needs were minimal. Thus, the cartoon lightbulb in his brain was illuminated. With the help of friends and family, Crowley conceived and founded a cricket protein bar company called Chapul. Deriving its name from chapulines, the spiced grasshoppers eaten in Mexico for hundreds of years, Chapul is dedicated to introducing edible insects into Western diets as a healthy and sustainable protein source.

The good news is, you don't have to eat cricket bars solely to save the planet. They actually taste good too – I buy boxes at a time, sharing whenever possible with those around me.


Giant Water Bug Bites


Giant Water Bug Bites

Insects bug most Americans. Captain Obvious strikes again. But a steadily growing number are opening their minds (and mouths) to potentially eco-friendly, often-nutritious six-legged grub. My bug buddy Michelle and I met one such fellow edible insect enthusiast while in Mexico to perform at a music festival. Tiffany was one of a group of performers and staff who'd decided to explore Teotihuacan, Mexico City's nearby pyramid complex, on the day before the show. Following the pyramid climb, Michelle and I wanted to patronize a nearby cave restaurant called La Gruta, and were ecstatic when we realized there were bugs on the menu. Tiffany was similarly excited, showing us a photo of her with a Giant Water Bug at a Seattle restaurant. Spiced caterpillars, chapulines (spiced grasshoppers) and escamole (ant eggs and larvae) were among the delicacies we dined on that day.

Fast forward several months. I'd gotten booked to dance on stilts at a Washington festival called Paradiso, and would be carpooling with Tiffany from Seattle. Patronizing the eatery where Tiff had imbibed Giant Water Bugs was a must. Upon arriving at Nue, the restaurant in question, I was hardly surprised to learn its menu is inspired by global street food (Linger, a Denver restaurant I blogged about recently, operates on a similar concept). In Japanese mythology, a Nue is a supernatural creature with the face of a monkey, the torso of a tanuki (Japanese raccoon dog), the limbs of a tiger and the tail of a snake. In other accounts, it has the back of a tiger, the legs of a tanuki and the tail of a fox (in yet other descriptions, it has the head of a cat and the torso of a chicken). It's an appropriate metaphor for Nue's menu, which is currently influenced by culinary treats from Bali, Barbados, Brazil, Burma, Cambodia, Ecuador, Holland, Hungary, Israel, Jamaica, Mexico, The Philippines, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Syria, Thailand and Vietnam.

Thailand is a hub of the edible bug world. No single country devours more insects. According to some accounts, vendors can barely keep pace with the demand, importing what they can't farm or harvest locally from neighboring countries. Unsurprisingly, Nue gets its Giant Water Bugs from Thailand. Flash frozen for the journey, the insects are thawed, blanched in salted water and served. My absolute favorite aspect of the experience was the smell. Giant Water Bugs smell intensely of flowers. I couldn't get enough. I probably inhaled the large insect's aroma for several minutes before even contemplating tasting it. A short photo shoot followed. To be clear, I don't pose with my bug bites to shock people. I do it to engage people in conversation, whether it's illogically biased bystanders, curious potential converts or hardcore entomophagists (edible insect enthusiasts). Being the only Giant Water Bug vet in our party, Tiffany demonstrated the ideal, shellfish-informed ingestion method (all insects are arthropods, which means they're related to shellfish).

Finally ready to dine, I tore the bug's wings off and broke open its body in order to suck out the insides. There are some 1900 species of insects known to be safe for human consumption. And it's estimated that about two billion people have intentionally tried at least one. Still, that's hundreds of flavors that many of us may never experience. Some of us refuse to sit idly by while global culinary adventures await. Nue's Giant Water Bugs certainly tasted strongly of the salt they were blanched with, but I have no words to describe the remainder of the unusual flavor.

If you find yourself in the shadow of the Space Needle, consider embarking on a culinary journey at Nue.



Ten Years with Insomniac

Ten Years with Insomniac

The 2018 edition of Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas will mark my tenth straight year performing for global EDM promoter Insomniac Events. In 2009, Insomniac Entertainment Director MsEasy invited me to join her team of Murder and Rodeo Clowns at the LA Coliseum for EDC’s flagship L.A. incarnation, and I've been involved ever since. I've inhabited a menagerie of characters in the past decade, in far flung locales including Brazil, China, India, Japan, London, Mexico, Puerto Rico and all over the U.S. Below is a laundry list of highlights to date (plus a special announcement about my role in this year’s tentpole event):

Being summoned to Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella's Park City VIP table as he was telling wife Holly Madison about my orange peel sculptures

Buzzing over Headliner heads as a giant purple bee

Careening around on jumping stilts as a florescent orange Furbie

Channeling Jimi Hendrix as a ukulele-playing, stilt-enhanced Marching Band Clown

Chauffeuring New Yorkers and Bay Area residents around in pedicabs and lady bug golf carts

Clowning around onstage with skateboard-riding members of LMFAO in Seattle

Dragon Knights stilt performers straddling the saddle of my four-legged stilt unicorn

Entertaining Pasquale’s daughter Rainbow with my Beanie Baby stilt pants at Sundance premiere

Filming EDC China trailer footage on the seventh floor balcony of Shanghai's W Hotel

Flailing the abnormally long slinky-like arms of Wildchild World's Slinky Stilts costume

Frolicking around Electric Forest as an ukulele-playing, jumping stilt-enabled Pan

Galloping over Forest family as a nine-foot tall, four-legged stilt zebra

Getting high fived by Pasquale after dancing EDC Brazil main stage as a Bee Boy

Having my balloon headpiece popped from behind by a confetti canon at Electric Forest

Hosting EDC Town Post Office as a Hunter S. Thompson-inspired Postmaster

Hugging Orlando attendees as a walking stuffed animal-esque pink octopus

Interviewing Pasquale, MsEasy and Insomniac Creative Director Bunny Eachon for Vegas Seven Magazine

Lassoing unsuspecting Headliners from atop stilts as a Rodeo Clown

Nodding off atop stilts in India

Orchestrating a main stage crowd-blanketing spiderweb in London

Partying at Insomniac HQ with my beloved fellow Insomniac Entertainers

Personifying Super Mario on jumping stilts at Electric Forest

Piloting an inflatable dinosaur in Puerto Rico

Pole vaulting over festie besties as a four-legged stilt tree

Providing a mobile backdrop for the Red Queen and her royal entourage as a four-legged rosebush

Puffing on a hookah and reciting nonsense as a giant foam caterpillar

Roller skating with the EDC Roller Girls

Scaring the bejesus out of EDC LA patrons as an axe-wielding Murder Clown

Serenading a VIP stranger with my original song "Butterflies" during main stage set break in Mexico

Squirting Bunny with my enema as forearm crutch-assisted Stilt Grandpa

Stilting in the sand at EDC Japan’s beach stage

Swallowing unsuspecting Headliner heads as a Muppet-inspired stilt fish

Tapping Halloweeners on the shoulder with my bony, animatronic Stilt Witch hands

Terrifying Escape patrons from my antique wheelchair as a Psych Patient

Wearing prosthetic rabbit mask and fur pants on jumping stilts

Though I've been singing and playing ukulele as a stilt clown for years, not to mention leading performer shuttle sing-alongs, I'd never gotten booked to perform amplified music at an Insomniac event – until now. I'm beyond ecstatic to announce that I'll be playing EDM unplugged in a VIP speakeasy called The Blind Owl at EDC Vegas 2018. Brace yourself for acoustic renditions of hits from Avicii, Benny Benassi, Black Eyed Peas, Calvin Harris, Daft Punk, David Guetta, Disclosure, Moby and Zedd. My set times for each night are as follows:

Friday: 9 pm - 12 am - 3 am
Saturday: 8 pm - 11 pm - 2 am
Sunday: 10 pm - 1 am - 4 am

Click on the gallery below to see more images from my Insomniac tenure. And see you under the Electric Sky:)