Introducing the most recent installment of The Once Upon The Forest Series; titled: TIME.

The talented crew who created this piece consisted of more than a dozen collaborators on site, shooting three scenes a day for five days straight - an opportunity to slow down and approach capturing The Forest in a new way.

Using a high-speed camera to slow down and isolate key scenes, the crew captured micro-moments of footage at a speed of 1500 frames per second. Each scene was orchestrated so that it could happen within 4 seconds of filming, with about 4 minutes of footage serving as the reward.

Every shot in this film was captured at Electric Forest 2017, and features real Forest Family in attendance, as well as performers and staff. This piece was a massive group effort, which relied on cooperation and support from each and every Forest HQ department in one way or another. The result is a truly arresting and beautiful visual art piece.

Orange peel has a brief cameo as one of the three umbrella-wielding Yellow Men.

Production Company: Cinesthetics
Created by Steve Conry, Drew Levin, Caleb Heymann, Scott Lynch
Voiceover by Alan Watts, special thanks to Mark Watts

Pan Image: Laura Jenkins
Pan Headdress: Nate The Average
Pan Makeup: Ali Luminescent / Stilt Brigade