• Big Summit Prairie (map)
  • Oregon

Oregon Eclipse is a multi-faceted global collaboration gathering in celebration of the Great American Eclipse, offering an all-encompassing assemblage of some of the world's most sought after electronic and live artists to soundtrack a once in a lifetime venture. Over 300 artists are slated to grace 7 stages, including Bassnectar, String Cheese Incident, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Beats Antique, CocoRosie, Justin Martin and Damian Lazarus. World-class musical environments, jaw-dropping installation art, future-shaping educational programming, 50,000 acres of pristine lakeside wilderness and the singular natural phenomenon that is a solar eclipse will make Oregon Eclipse a truly once in a lifetime event.

The Oregon Eclipse production will be a masterclass from the world's best event organizers, artisans and creators. A no-screen policy ensures generic LED walls will be eschewed for stages, spaces, installations and art built by artists and craftsman from all corners of the globe. Pulling on the distinct elements from each of the eleven global producers, Oregon Eclipse will literally build a temporal world, inviting attendees to embrace a different way of life for an entire week.

Big Summit Prairie Ranch, two hours from Bend, will provide an incredible backdrop for this incredible event, an unmatched festival location, 55,000 acres of pristine wilderness.

Orange peel is slated to be an ambient performer at The Silk Road's Dub Gypsy Kitchen.