• Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch (map)
  • 4845 Morrison Road
  • Denver, CO, 80219
  • United States

Practiced by 80% of cultures around the world, entomophagy (the human consumption of insects as food) is finally starting to catch on in the West.

Join us for a Gastro Obscura event: a tour of Colorado's first and only edible insect farm, Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch. See how they raise molitos (the larvae of the darkling beetle) for restaurants and food makers around the country, and learn more about the nutritional and environmental benefits of bug-binging. Afterward, stick around to taste molitos savory pastries and cricket popcorn, paired with Grasshop-ah, a local cider from Colorado Cider Company, and enjoy some “cricket song” from a local musician.

Orange peel is planning to preview his musical earworm “Butterflies” for the occasion.


Image: Smithsonian Channel