• Atlanta Motor Speedway (map)
  • 1500 Tara Place
  • Hampton, GA, 30228
  • United States

As one of the country’s last remaining independent festivals, Imagine is an all-encompassing, 360-degree sensory experience that blends music, circus troupes, performers, dancers, transformational village, art, workshops, classes and more. Imagine will continue its immersive aquatic fairytale with an abundance of performers, live acts, unique atmospheres, amusement rides, vendors and The Imaginarium’s variety of sacred teachings, ceremonies, and transformational workshops.

With over five stages across the speedway in-field and camping including: the main aquatic stage, live stage, house stage, DnB stage, and silent disco, Imagine is poised to join the ranks of some of EDM’s biggest and best. Orange peel has been contracted by GL&M Productions to provide stilt performers for the festival.