• Circus Collective (map)
  • 2014 Lawrence St
  • Denver CO 80205

March — home to Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day.

Back in 1911, the history of IWD began and over one million people stood up to support equality. This month, in Daybreaker cities around the globe, we’ll dance together as a female founded and female dominant community. It’s in moments like these that we think, “Look ma, the world is doing it.”

Hence this month’s theme: THE FUTURE IS FEMININE

In Daybreaker cities around the globe, let’s rise to a beautiful history of human rights and dance to the future its paved us.

On Thursday, March 14, join us inside The Circus Collective for a special lineup that highlights some of our fave female talents, dazzling surprises and tunes by a mystery DJ soon to be announced. Wear something that nods to the future — intergalactic gear, metallic leggings, robo hats…we meet at sunrise.

Orange peel is providing promotional support.