• Circus Collective (map)
  • 2041 Lawrence Street
  • Denver, CO 80205

Join the Circus Collective - This Sunday September 24 is your chance. Be dazzled by circus performances from The Acro Dragon, Ariana Gradow, Cressie Mae, Etmolgn Hilu, Grace Ramsey, Joanna Curley, Jocelynn Rudig, MaQi, Lizzie Bruce, Orange peel moses and Scott Cooper. Be satiated by tamales from La Popular. Be infused by libations from Barbi Benton. Be pleasured by live music from niceFingers. Be desserted by cake from Donna Holben. Be there.

Orange peel is slated to disseminate hot tamales from atop high heels (fun fact: Cirque du Soleil's original stilt-focused troupe name translated as "The High Heels Club").