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  • Denver, CO, 80211
  • United States

Insects are everywhere. Like it or not, they outnumber us by the billions. And it turns out that's a good thing when it comes to global food resources. Experts warn that animal agriculture isn't capable of keeping up with our planet's growing demand. In the future, eating meat might be a luxury not everyone can afford. Enter: insects. Insects like crickets require far fewer resources to raise, and the resulting food source is surprisingly nutritious. Cringe all you want, but eighty percent of the world already imbibes bugs. Insects may be instrumental to the future of food - wouldn't you rather be a trendsetter than a late adaptor? The Butterfly's Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast is your windshield of opportunity.

Named after a children's poem by William Roscoe, The Butterfly Ball's and the Grasshopper's Feast is a prix fixe bug banquet featuring Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch crickets and gourmet edible insect fare from Eat-A-Bug Cookbook author David “The Bug Chef” Gordon.

While imbibing insect-based cuisine from five continents and two paired beverages, you'll be raising funds for Farms for Orphans and its insect farm in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Orange peel is slated to roam the room as a costumed character.