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420 Singing Telegrams

420 Singing Telegrams

Know someone who was born on 4/20? Wanna prank your stoner buddy or kin? Custom Singing Telegrams is 420-friendly. Send a singing Doctor, Nurse or even the Grim Reaper to check in on someone's catatonic stupor, or enlist a Cop to hilariously prank someone in the apex of their weed-induced paranoia. Commission personalized lyrics to take your musical surprise to the next level.

420 Joints:

"Bad Boys" -- Inner Circle
“Because I Got High” – Afroman
“Dab City” – D-Loc
"Hits From the Bong" -- Cypress Hill
“Mary Jane” – Rick James
“One Toke Over the Line” – Brewer & Shipley
“Rocky Mountain High” – John Denver
“Smoke Two Joints” – Sublime
“Turning Japanese” – The Vapors

Have a tune in mind that's not on the list? Ask us about it - We learn new songs all the time:)

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