Seeing Rabbit in the Moon live is a memorable experience. Being a part of the show is even more so. I would know – I was a body-painted monkey for the band's performance at Ultra Music Fest in Miami once. How's I land the gig? My longtime friend Ms Easy was responsible for casting both dancers and primates. Knowing I was going to be in town, she offered me a role. Florida-based artist Wildchild airbrushed a fake six pack on my stomach when the day of the show rolled around. Later that night, he was furiously safety pinning faux fur to my waist in a nearby trailer as the stage manager was demanding my presence backstage. When our big moment came, we shuffled around on stage a la Planet of the Apes. If what's left of my memory serves me correctly, it was a barrel of monkeys.

Tomorrow night, Rabbit in the Moon plays its first Denver show in eight years. The main event is sold out, but you can still pick up tickets for the after-party below.