Stilt Life – Height-Enhanced Entertainment:

Stilt walkers are excellent for entertaining large groups because their heads and antics are visible to many people simultaneously. Children are also often wowed by stilters, due to their immense difference in height. Citric Acid Entertainment founder George Peele has been strapping on height enhancements for nearly eight years now, and does so much more than simply stand around on sticks. Dancing, singing, hula hooping, playing guitar, juggling and making orange peel sculptures are just a few of the tricks in Peele's elevated repertoire. Scour the Stilt Life gallery for past costumes and future possibilities.

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Probable causes listed below:

1. Provided URL may not be valid. Make sure that the url can be opened in a web browser while logged out from Facebook. If it's an url to a personal facebook account only the account holder can get the public url from the bottom (near footer) of the album page. If it's a fanpage album make sure there's no age restriction on page settings.

2. It might also be a problem with CURL library or your server config

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