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Look Ma, No Hands: Are EDM Stars Just Button-Pushers?
"Joel Zimmerman has a knack for provoking people. The dance music superstar known as Deadmau5 rarely censors himself. In a July Rolling Stone, he arguably threw a few of his peers under the bus when he called them "button-pushers." David Guetta and Skrillex were two specifically mentioned, but he didn't exempt himself. "Not to say I'm not a button-pusher, I'm just pushing a lot more." Still, it was the DJ insult heard round the world."

Game Changer: Hemp
"Deforestation. World hunger. Fossil fuel depletion. Economic recession. Many of our planet's biggest problems could potentially be solved—or at least substantially relieved—with a single plant. Hemp, marijuana's non-psychoactive sibling, is nature's single most versatile crop. Twenty-five thousand different products can be produced from it—from ice cream to insulation—and it only takes a hundred or so days to grow."

High Rhymes: Kid Cudi
"Toward the conclusion of Kid Cudi's Medical Cannabis Cup performance at Denver's Cluster Studios in April, High Times' Danny Danko presented Cudi with a meaningful piece of hardware—the Doobie Award for "Pot Song of the Year." Cudi was touched. "This means more than any recognition in my career," he swore. The crowd took it as a cue to toke up—for the 420th time that night."

Cockpit Kingpins: Manufactured Superstars
"The camera opens on what appears to be an "astronaughty" slumber party. Hotties in orange spacesuits gradually begin to stir and propel themselves toward the walk of shame. The naughtiest one pulls a pair of salmon panties from her pocket and dangles them near the nostrils of a curly-haired man passed out on a life-sized teddy bear. Black-rimmed glasses magically appear on the man's face as he gets up to toss a flute at someone spooning a disco ball nearby."

Rabbit Foodie: Dan Landes
"Being a rabbit foodie in a cowtown might be going against the grain, but Dan Landes never doubted the market's growth potential. If he cooked it, they would come. Besides, he'd already cultivated a small following via creations at Muddy's and City Spirit. So Landes and his lady sank every dime they owned into the original incarnation of WaterCourse and opened its doors—after emptying a piggy bank into the register."

Squeezebox for your Main Squeeze: Devotchka
"Nick Urata may not have wings sprouting out of his back or a cloth diaper covering his junk, but that doesn't mean he isn't a modern embodiment of the arrow-slinging cherub. Hopped up on human growth hormone. And with a flamenco-leaning axe and soaring pipes in place of the bow."



Colorado entertainment journalism would not be the same without George Peele AKA Orange peel moses. Peele has been covering local music and entertainment for over a decade now, beginning with a bi-weekly electronica column for long-defunct Go-Go Magazine and culminating in his current role as Music Editor for Denver fashion magazine 303. Peruse a few of his writing samples here.

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