George Peele, also known as Orange peel moses, has been covered by nearly every single print publication in the Denver Metro area. Even NBC affiliate 9 News did a segment on Peele's Custom Singing Telegrams one Valentine's Day. Pour through Peele's press scores below.

9 News: My funny...and unusual valentine
303 Magazine: 2011 Employee of the Year
5280 Magazine: Great Dates
Boulder Weekly: Agent orange
Daily Camera: Double bill
Denver Post: His life is a stage
Examiner: Dracula, Edward Cullen, Zombie Crawl
Go-Go Magazine
Image Magazine: Colorado Chameleons
Reverb: Steal this track
Westword: Denver's Best Club DJFreeloader & Club Scout
Your Hub: Denver Singing Telegram Offers Unique Greetings

Award Whorin'

"Best Club DJ Vocalist" – Westword

"2011 Employee of the Year" – 303 Magazine

No Talent Talent Show Winner – 93.3 FM KTCL

"Denver's Busiest DJs." – Rocky Mountain News

Colorado Daily Haiku Contest – 3rd Place

Crowley County Elementary School Poetry Contest Winner

Press Praise

"Different." – 9 News

"A rare character." – The Onion

"Renaissance Man." –

"Beacon of creativity." – 303 Magazine

"Denver nightlife luminary/maven." – Denver Post

"The man is a legend on the scene." – Denver Daily News

"The hardest-working man in Denver show business." – Rocky Mountain News

"Most surreal moment: Standing on the second floor of City Hall's amphitheater and looking down to see the unicorn on stilts slow grind an attractive young lady." – Westword

"Beat culture writer and underground music zeitgeist, the orange one's expansive repertoire is nothing if not a-peel-ing." – Westword

"Musician, dancer, actor, artist, nightlife performer and a wealth of unusual bar knowledge." –

"If you're the kind of couple with a silly sense of humor, call up Denver-based Custom Singing Telegrams for an old school way to invite your date out." – 5280 Magazine

"A one-man subculture, Moses is parting the waters of the club circuit with his unique performances, replete with orange peel sculptures and a juicy mix of synth pop, spoken word and hip-hop." – Westword

"His eagerness matched only by his randiness, the performer's lyrics stretch from the sincere to the ridiculous with an incongruous-yet-believable swagger. A lesser performer might not be able to pull off the odd combination of Lothario and Severin, but Peele has the melodramatic chops to make it work." – Reverb

"The eternally orange-clad Moses' deep pipes form the perfect audial accompaniment to the snaking nest of party break beats and electro stompers." -- Rocky Mountain News

"Single-handedly responsible for the orange content of the Front Range ever since the Denver Broncos sold out to Nike and went predominantly blue." – Denver Daily News

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