Performer | Writer | Personality

“A rare character.” – The Onion.

George Peele has been a fixture in the Mile High Denver club scene for 15 years. As a musician, he has hit elevated notes on Red Rocks' upper terrace with now-defunct “Best Club DJs” Friends in Stereo for Global Dance Festival. As a stilt performer, he has cavorted onstage with Top 40 pop stars including LMFAO and at world-renowned EDM events like Ultra and Electric Daisy Carnival (he even had a cameo in feature length documentary The EDC Experience). As a singing telegram, he has introduced Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and ambushed 9 News Denver Executive Producer Jack Maher in a diaper and wings—on live TV. As a music journalist, he has interviewed artists from Bassnectar to Henry Rollins. 

Peele has never been one to shy away from larger-than-life characters roles. He has impersonated Zombie Michael Jackson, Alice in Wonderland's White Rabbit, Pumpkin King Jack Skellington and Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson. He performed an uncanny homage to Johnny Cash for years. He even brings a unicorn to life via quad stilts and a silver saddle. Peele is currently plotting a music video for his new Daniel Iyere-produced, insect-infused love song "Butterflies.”